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82 University of Colorado Law Review 1 (2011)




Users Right and the IP (Identity Politics) of IP (Intellectual Property)

The Great Library of Alexandria

by O. Von Corven


According to legend, Ptolemy III of Egypt decreed that anyone visiting Alexandria was required to deposit their reading materials with the library, so that copies could be made .

Pixels, Parchment & Personhood challenges copyright’s prevailing narrative on personhood, which has typically focused on the identity interests that authors enjoy in their creative output.  Instead, the analysis highlights the personhood interests that users possess in copyrighted works.  Drawing on a wide range of examples—from flag burning as copyright infringement, the Kookaburra controversy and the crowd-sourced origins of the Serenity Prayer to the reported innumeracy of the enigmatic Pirahă Amazonians, the apocryphal source of ancient Alexandria’s Royal Library and the unusually fragile nature of digital media—the Article advances a Hegelian refutation to intellectual property maximalism and a theory of copyright that recognizes the crucial link between identity politics and the legal regime governing the monopolization and control of cultural symbols and creative works.





Pixels, Parchment & Personhood

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